Sabtu, 07 April 2018

Patrick Reed's Three Driver Swings (Video)

This Golf Digest video shows three different driver swings that Patrick Reed uses. You'll note that Patrick uses his hands A LOT, but then again he almost always draws the ball.

The key here are the words almost always. This video shows how he hits his slinger draw (a huge low hook), the high bomb (a high, long draw) and the butter cut.

You may wonder why I'm posting this today, since most of us would rather watch the Masters instead of reading instruction material... and since I'm not going to go into detail about the swings until a later time. The reason is simple.

No doubt you heard analysts talking yesterday about Patrick's Palmer-like helicopter finish when hitting a fade, and most of them said this must be something new. But this video clearly shows a helicopter finish to the butter cut... and this video is a year old!

So it appears that his improved fairway percentage this weekend is the result of club changes and practice, not some elaborate new mechanical technique. Patrick is simply "dancing with the one that brung him," and his dance partner came ready to boogie!

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