Senin, 26 Maret 2018

Charlier Rymer on Controlling Trajectory (Video)

I have in the past posted a tip from Charlie Rymer teaching an easy way to visualize the trajectory of any iron. Today I've got a video showing Charlie's easy method for controlling distance with trajectory.

This is basically a variation of the way you control the length of chips and pitches by changing the length of your swing. But what Charlie is doing is changing the club also, and the combination lets you hit a variety of shots the same distance but with different trajectories.

To me, the beauty of this is that you can use the other tip to figure out what the trajectory with a given club will be, then you just adjust the length of your swing to get the distance you want. And yes, you'll need to practice that on the range; you have to do that any time you learn how to hit one club several distances. But you won't need much practice to get a feel for this method.

And you won't find many simpler ways to control trajectory than this. Thank you, Charlie!

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