Kamis, 01 Februari 2018

Golf Digest's 2018 Driver Hot List

Now that the PGA Merchandise Show is over, Golf Digest has posted their annual Hot List of new drivers. The biggest takeaway I got from the review video (which is on every individual driver's spec page) is that you probably need to be fitted using a launch monitor because the new drivers are so varied.

Here's an extra tidbit: Mike Stachura says in the video that, if your driver is a few years old, it's probably six yards shorter than the new drivers when you hit it ON THE SWEET SPOT, and perhaps eleven yards less on an off-center hit.

PXG 0811X driver

And in case you wonder why I chose to show you the PXG 0811X driver -- especially when it only got a silver rating and not a gold rating -- the reason is simple: At $850US, if you're like me, this is probably the closest to it that you're going to get. But it's pretty, don't you think?

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