Sabtu, 10 Februari 2018

Cathy Schmidt on Finishing Your Swing (Video)

A couple of days back I posted a Martin Hall video on wrist action that I said should end a bit differently. I think Martin does some of the best presentations on general wrist action that I've ever seen but what this video shows after impact could hurt your ability to both release the club and get distance.

Well, Phil -- who regularly comments on various posts -- linked me to a couple of videos from LPGA teaching pro Cathy Schmidt that addressed these exact issues. Since many of you may not have checked the comments, I thought I'd post them today. Neither is very long.

One of my comments was that the wrist problem Martin was trying to stop could be better handled with the old 'belly button to the target' drill. Cathy's first video here shows exactly how that works.

This second one addresses how holding that wrist angle too long will cut your distance.

And in both videos you'll see that she is letting her trailing wrist release after impact; she's not trying to hold the angle.

I hope these videos help those of you who wanted another opinion on the wrist question. I also wanted to thank Phil for posting the video links. ;-)

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